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Moana - Mini Treasure Box - Pua - The English Ladies Co

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Introducing our Pua Mini Treasure Box, a haven for your most cherished trinkets. Immerse yourself in the captivating imagery that surrounds this piece, featuring themes from the film, including Moana and Heihei. Adorned with a hand-made figure of Pua atop the box, this collectable opens to unveil a tropical paradise at the bottom. Ideal for safeguarding precious jewellery or treasured keepsakes, the Pua Treasure Box is the perfect gift for those who cherish the magic of Moana.

Let your valuables find a home in this tropical delight!

Embrace the whimsy of your favourite Disney characters with these colourful treasure boxes, adding a touch of magic to any space while providing the perfect storage solution for your most cherished mementoes.

  • Hand-made and hand-decorated
  • Fine bone china
  • Disney gift packaging
  • Versatile & practical
  • Part of the Moana Collection
Want to customize?
As a small business we have the fun abilty to go the extra mile. If you want something wrapped, a custom gift, a birthday card, a card to tell your boss you quit or just need help? Please reach out either via email - or using the various methods on the website and checkout.
Moana - Mini Treasure Box - Pua - The English Ladies Co - Pop Culture Larrikin
Moana - Mini Treasure Box - Pua - The English Ladies Co
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