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Pre-Order Partial Payment (Existing Orders Only)

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Have an existing pre-order with a deposit that you wish to add an additional funds to?

Due to the online limitations at this time there is no simple way to add funds yourself to your order unless you wish to pay the full amount (which will be available in the orders screen when you log into your account.). That being said we are happy to help! At this time we have the following options available for partial payments:
  • Contact us via email, phone or one of our other social media channels and request an updated invoice with the total you wish to add to your order and we will send a link to your email to make the payment. 
  • Using this Pre-Order Partial Payment Gift Card if you prefer to do it yourself or if you are adding funds for a friend. 

If you want to this this Partial Payment Gift Card. all you need to do is select the value you wish to add to your account and use the notes section in the checkout to advise us on what item(s) or the order number you wish to add funds to. When we receive the order we will go in to your order and manually add that payment on your behalf. We will then notify you that the partial-payment has been added to your account with an email of your receipt (this will be separate from your gift card purchase receipt it will be directly reflected on your order)  

Once you have received this you will be able to view the updated total remaining on your account. 

Should you have any questions please just reach out any time and we will be happy to assist!

Would You Like It Gift Wrapped?
Let me just pop in it a box, Ready in the Flashiest of flashes! As a small business we have the fun abilty to go the extra mile. If you want something wrapped, a custom gift, a birthday card, a card to tell your boss you quit or just need help? Please reach out either via email - or using the various methods on the website and checkout.
Pre-Order Partial Payment (Existing Orders Only) - Pop Culture Larrikin
Pre-Order Partial Payment (Existing Orders Only)
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